Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Make up

 I envy the actresses for having that picture perfect look. I know they spend hours dabbing the makeup and use all the imported products. I for one cannot put an eye liner to save my life. The foundations I buy just lie and gets thrown away after expiry date. :D

Same goes for lipstick.I am yet to finish the 1 mg tube once. I admire the patience women put in looking good and taking care of their skin. Religiously following the routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc.  I guess need to learn the art of being patient by using makeup and getting facials done.

On better days, I just  wash my face, apply a moisturizer and flash a comb on my hair.Most of th e times I forget to apply the lipstick. :D

 But then beauty is natural as they say right?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Falling Sick

Staying alone with husband on tour and child in tow is always a challenge. And on top of it if you happen to fall sick, its worst. I hate falling sick and being alone. There I said it.

And the first and the only people you remember and miss when unwell, is your parents. The moment I am under the weather I miss mom dad terribly, so much that I become more emotional and vulnerable. I still remember and miss the days when they used to keep checking the temperatures, take us to the doctor, get medicines, and sit by our bedsides, and feeding us hot food. :)  Younger days are bliss. Those feelings sound like some other era now.

Of course, there is no one like parents, but still falling sick and eating mom cooked food and resting in her lap makes everything fine. Lucky are people who stay with their parents.

Love you mom dad to the moon and back.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Jumbled Thoughts

Human Brains are the most amazing thing I feel. So many thoughts it processes in a single breath.  I mean if someone gets to get minds, what would happen???

So many things run parallelly in our minds. Good , bad, ugly, happy, sad so many..some are not even understood or felt. But so many random thoughts keep peeping in our minds. Some we work on giving justice, some keep lingering, some stay at the back of our minds, some we forget. But the minds remember so many people and their actions.

Just a trigger like a name/ place/ habit brings in so many thoughts of the people we thought we have forgotten and moved on. Some are very painful, some good memories, some scary and some very happy. I wonder if we would read minds, would it have helped? Erasing the misunderstanding, hurt? Maybe YES maybe NO..

Human brains are so complicated. So many things we feel, say, act. Some we mean, some we hate, some we love and some just for the heck of doing/ saying we do.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Social Media and Kids

These days no one is interested in talking, all only watsapp. Sharing photos also have become a trend through status. Everyone is online but no one has time to talk. All are active in all groups but no time to connect individually. Sad but true.

The other day when we had to upgrade our cell, we decided to put the spare number in the smartphone. Bad move I say 😡 Now that kiddo has got a wind of it, he is claiming his right on the spare number and phone, and the reason he gives is to be able to connect to his grandparents (as if I trust 😂)

Now the height is inspite of being around he pings me on watsapp for all silly questions 😋. So much that I had to password protect it from further torture. Imagine a family sitting across in the same room and communicating with each other via watsapp 😱😰😮

What is the world coming to????

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Children's Day

Happy Children's Day..

As a child use to always love this day.14th November Chacha Nehru's Birthday, also known as Children's Day, a day when we all realize that in spite of what our age is there's always a child in us. Waiting to be loved, cherished, appreciated.

When we were in school, we used to have holiday on this day and that alone is not the reason I love this day. It is also on this day that we used to be most important person, treated like a queen/king by our parents (other than our birthdays, this used to be one more day when we used to escape beating/shouting from parents.)

I miss celebrating those wonderful days and am planning to celebrate this day with my son and reminisce the old days. I wish you all also a very Happy Children's Day. Hope u all enjoy the day with your child and make it special for them and you.

Never let the child in you grow up and enjoy.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

After Diwali

I guess we all hate the after festive period. :) The thought of getting back to routine after a fun filled festive season and family time seems daunting.  Just was thinking about how I was all excited a week back, thinking about the festival of lights, making snacks and planning to have all fun and today, feeling all bored sad thinking about the holiday coming to an end and routine setting in tomorrow.

 I guess this is the cycle of life and very rightly set. Imagine if we had only holidays and fun times, would we have valued it as much??? Would spending time with family, making new memories, relaxing  sound this exciting if we get to do them everyday?

The answer is I guess we all know. So put a smile on your face and look forward for the Monday coming soon. 

Hope you all had a great DIWALI..

Monday, October 29, 2018


Do It Yourself, the other day was surfing Pinterest that I saw lot of DIY stuff . Right away from reusing old newspapers to bed sheets. I was so surprised with how much we can recycle old things, which we throw off to buy new ones.

Such beautiful ideas and creativity people around us have. I was so inspired that I have decided to think before throwing off  any stuff like bed spreads. They are so reusable. Simply can be used as table cloth.

My mom is a genius is reusing and recycling old bed sheets/ Old clothes. She had once simply used patches of worn dresses/ nighties and created a simple razai. A light  weight double sided one (reverse and you can use another design) I was bowled over.

There are some places in Mumbai where you give any two saris and they add some foam and Viola a beautiful big Razai is ready . Can be used as mattress to sit down or for sleeping etc. Talk about optimum utilization of resources. :D

Any more ideas to recycle the bed sheets? Feel free to share.Would love to learn. :)

PS: My contribution to recycling clothes. A table cloth made of old night wear.

Make up

 I envy the actresses for having that picture perfect look. I know they spend hours dabbing the makeup and use all the imported products. I...

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