Friday, October 05, 2018

A magic called Kishore Kumar

No it's not his Birthday today or his Death Anniversary. I just happened to play music in my laptop and they were all (mostly )his numbers. Sad, happy, romantic, name a genre and he has sung them. Each song was sung with the emotions it deserved. How he managed so many variations is something I keep wondering.

He must have felt each word to emote the song with that magical voice. I am yet to find singers in today's generation who can match this caliber. Today I feel each singer has a genre and he sings that genre well. Like specialize.

Maybe that is the difference between special and versatile. Kishore da was versatile and magical. Miss you and your magic. You live forever with the work you have done...Always..Irreplacable.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Good old days

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These days we download songs unlike old times. Back then having a tape recorder and cassette used to be the in thing. A luxury for us to be able to afford a Walkman. Songs back then also used to be good.

I still remember mom making a cassette with a medley of mix and match. A few from each movies and we used to give the cassette shop keeper to record for us. He would take a couple of days and we used to be impatient. The excitement of listening to your favorite songs on the tape recorder used to be so satisfying. :D

The forward and rewind buttons for skipping and repeating the songs. Sometimes the recording used to be improper, the disappointment evident that again we need to buy a fresh empty cassette and then record. That used to cost some 50-70 Rs(my memory fails here) . Even that used to be too much for us to take out.

I love music and listening to songs. The other day was downloading the song ,that triggered this post. Nowadays there's no wait. A click of a button and the songs on your gadget.

Now buying a Caravan is on my wish-list. For the feel of tape recorder close by. We all use I pods, Tablets, I pads , even pen drives for listening to songs, but tape recorder /Walkman ki baat hi kuch aur thi.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Book Review #55 I Didn't Expect To be Expecting : Richa S Mukherjee

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Tara is living a blessed life in the maximum city with her husband Abhimanyu, the love of her life. At the pinnacle of her career, she is the apple of her parents' eyes and hasn't spotted a wrinkle yet - so far, the 30s are looking great! Nothing fazes Tara - not a foul-mouthed best friend or a food-burning arch-nemesis in the form of her maid - not even a landlady who chats with ghosts. And then, Tara discovers that she's pregnant, and suddenly, all that well-honed composure crumbles. It doesn't help that she's got an equally jittery (if supportive) husband by her side. Now, Tara must face her anxieties about parenthood as she navigates friendships, marriage and career, all the while dealing with the fact that her body and mind are steadily feeling like they belong to someone else. An irreverent, honest and funny journey down the road - potholes and all - to (accidental) parenthood!

My Take:

I had heard about this book for sometime now. But was not sure of what to expect so kept delaying the buy. On a whim some days back, I just brought this not expecting too much. But I was wrong. This book came like a breath of fresh air. A story of the phase most women got through; Motherhood. 

I liked the way the author presented the story. A roller coaster ride, once you start reading, you won't be able to put down. So many experiences while reading this came rushing back. Some nostalgia, magic moments. I loved Abhimanyu the most. Very nicely etched character and someone we all wish we had always around us. :) 

Go Grab a copy and enjoy reading and being nostalgic. 

PS: I hope the author thinks of a sequel about Tara and Abhi's parenthood journey.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


The most important days we look forward in a week. :) They come like a tortoise and go like a rabbit. Just flies and we keep waiting and always unsatisfied as we have had made plans to chill which by the way never happens.  :D. Very rarely does weekend go as planned.

Weekends that attach with festivals are the worst. We love forward with so many plans and expectations only to find them gone. :( The aftereffects of festivals hit very hard. As the empty boxes of sweets, pandals and crackers/ diyas look so deserted.

For me weekends means getting up late. :) .Now since I am a early riser weekends also I get up early, then curl up with a book till I fall asleep again. Then cook/ get breakfast from the many Udipis around and its bonus if any channel plays all my favorites back to back.. Then a leisure oil bath , a simple lunch, (mostly one pot or Pavbhaji) ,again ordering in or eating out is a bonus, (hubby prefers a home made lunch/ dinner and we (read me and kiddo) are all game for eating out),good music and maybe a comedy movie to end .

I love napping whenever I feel like without having to see the time. I love my after breakfast naps. :) as opposed to after lunch ones. Maybe some good thoughts to pen down on the blog and maybe some chit chat with an old friend or a some good time with hubby . These are enough to make me wait for the next weekend with same gusto.

Do comment how you like your weekends .

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A trip down the lane

I love festive seasons. This is the time I miss my family then the most. Family not only means the immediate ones. They sometimes are around with me too. 😊😊 Family to me also means the extended friends, the old lanes, my home, old times. They always remind me of the good times and the wonderful friends and times we spent.

Ganesha is very special to me. He's the most favorite God to me alongside Krishna. He has given me the most beautiful family, partner and kid. Memories of Ganesha go back since I don't remember. He's one of the reasons I met my life partner too. He's been a part of all good and bad I face. My strength, my faith. Even now in turbulent times I look for him to bless and pave me out. I always believe he's around me.

Born and brought up in Maharashtra this one was a festival we all used to enjoy. So many bappa idols, so many Poojas, aartis,Prasad. We used to have the idols brought in our neighbours place, our colony and every street and corner celebrate with equal happiness and pomp. I believe Ganesha celebrated in Maharashtra is the best.

Our day started early with shouts of Ganpati Bappa Moraya and we used to enjoy going to sing Atharvashishya in neighborhood. We used to have songs dance and entertainment in our area. All used to participate and do their best. When the Ganesha used to leave on the 5th day we all used to cry and already started looking forward for the next year.  The empty pandals next day used to look so sad and lost. :(

Looking forward to welcome you this year too with great joy and happiness in heart.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Book Review #54 : Love after Marriage: Bhagya Chandra

PC: Amazon

Compassionate and deeply emotional, ‘Love after Marriage’ is a contemporary love story about Deepak and Roshni, a young couple flung together in a traditional arranged marriage. The story authenticates the concept of an arranged marriage, which has prevailed in India for several hundred years. It centers on the conviction that husband and wife, strangers at the time of marriage, can develop a stronger love if they are honest and committed to each other.

In Love after Marriage, Deepak and Roshni embark on the timeless journey of marriage, only to discover that it’s not quite as simple as they expected. What follows is an exploration of understanding and compromise, weaving a tapestry of love and affection that lasts longer and grows stronger over time.

My Take:

The synopsis made me pick the book. The plot was interesting. But the execution is a little weak. The story was dragged a lot I felt with unnecessary explanations and repetitive dialogues. The female lead, Roshni I felt was a big let down. Too much Miss Goodie and egoistic. There is a thin line between Self Respect and Ego, the author seem to have crossed the line.

I couldn't phantom why she was not ready to forgive and move on. She was being unreasonable and very selfish. Agreed that Deepak had  made some mistakes by being vocal at the wrong time, but then even she was unnecessarily dramatist. Either she should forgive or leave, here she was trying to be great/ perfect.

The story could have been short and crisp, but thanks to too much detailing it dragged. Skip a few pages and then too you would have not missed much. The author could have handled the story line better. 

Read if you like reading Indian authors and love stories.

Saturday, September 01, 2018


Why do only beautiful girls get attention? Now beautiful means not only good looking but the ones who are slim also. A little plump or fat ones are the ones that need attention, they are the ones who work hard and are ready to learn new things and do what it takes to fit in. But they are the ones who are sidelined.

A common mindset I see and feel bad is they wait for guidance but are denied.  A little push ,motivation is all they look forward for. Not everyone can be perfect.

I guess at least someone must have faced this discrimination in GYM. Any trainers reading this? Please pay attention and motivate the ones who need them not the ones who don't need motivation, they are self motivated.

A magic called Kishore Kumar

No it's not his Birthday today or his Death Anniversary. I just happened to play music in my laptop and they were all (mostly )his numb...

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