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Book Review #188 The Mars Conspiracy : Razi

                                                            Blurb: A man dreams of colonising Mars. His quest has a connection with a great ancient civilisation and the mysterious Pharaoh Ankhenaten. 1300 BC, Ancient Egypt The great Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty—Amenhotep III, takes help of the 'visitors from the sun-disc,’ to save his dying son—Ankhenaten. He will change, they say, and he does! 2021, Simdega, Jharkhand A mysterious creature attacks and kills a villager near the Space Tech Facility, where three social media influencers discover a crop circle. Dr Daniel Soren joins the Mars Colonisation Project headed by the enigmatic Noel Minj, unsuspecting of what’s brewing within. Noel is preparing for the inaugural unmanned rocket, 'The Starship’, to carry the resources for human survival to Mars. All eyes are on this mission. Nothing must go wrong! But what happens when Noel's secret starts to slip away? How are the Pharaoh Ankhenaten and the ancient Egyptian civilisation

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