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Book Review# 193 Reclaiming Him : Isa Roop

      Blurb:    Purushottam (Puru) Pai 32, Chairman of Pai Group. The Cold and Calculative Billionaire. Authoritative and protective. The only time he listened to his heart was when he fell for this activist who was a childhood friend. But then, she left him the evening before their wedding. She authored the report that closed down his power plant. Betrayed and heart broken Puru marries Meera's sister and vows to move on. Meera was Past. She would not return. Ever. He would not let her back in. Only that she returned. Beaten and battered by her own choices. Can he accept her back? Meera Menon Environmental Activist, Passionate and fierce, Fire to Puru's ice, Betrothed to Puru but left him the night before their wedding to stay true to her ideals. Only that the ideal world was not what she thought it would be. Abuse and Humiliation became a part of her life. When she returned back home, it was too late. The price of her mistakes was too high. She is the fire that can melt his ic

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