Thursday, June 21, 2018

Shifting Home

Sometime back we shifted home and it was quite a task to say the least. Packing and unpacking is fine, but somewhere in the middle there is a very important big task of sorting and throwing unwanted things. That is quite  a task than the actual shifting.

I had a tough time deciding what all to keep and to dispose. Lot of things lying around were for emotional reasons. :P.  So after lots of going front and back I kept few, discarded few.

Also this one task reintroduced me to lot of things which were "lost" in the house. Lots of unused boxes/ plates / crockery sets. (This when, I was eyeing some of the latest ones online  ;).For now had to hold the buying ideas and use the "found the lost ones".

But this cleaning up also gave me back the old slam books, greeting cards, diaries,letters. I loved going through them again after a decade.

What are your best memories of shifting / DE cluttering?

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Vacation Diaries (Contd)

I was vary of kiddo. As I said was doubtful of him coping up with heat. But surprisingly we coped well. In fact he enjoyed the trip so much that he said we should come next time too for the summer vacations. We joined the library the very next day and have read books like there's no tomorrow. Lots of Marathi books were pending in my list and this time I can say I more than am satisfied laying my hands on the wonderful books.

Books truly makes us happy. Kiddo went berserk seeing the books and used to exchange everyday twice. Am happy and proud to pass the reading baton to him. We walked through all the lanes, ate lots of street foods, explored and revisited the nostalgic places like the school and college. Yes this time I made it a point to show the school and college to the kiddo. He was in awe as they were not like his ones, ours had different benches, fans etc.

The best part was we had time. Time to stop by and enjoy the moment. Ate lots of mangoes. Yes I was terribly missing the mangoes and the kulfies. Also got to meet friends with time in hand. Thanks to an engagement and a thread ceremony (Poonal) could meet my both side cousins and extended family. :) Now that was a bonus.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Vacation Diaries

This time, after ages went home for a month. While leaving from here was wondering what all to do, vary of kiddo whether he would be bored, bear the heat etc. After staying on Bangalore for so long taking Mumbai heat is a challenge.

Leaving from home was smooth but a huge challenge awaited at the airport where the airlines flight was overbooked, so much chaos, fighting and delay with no proper response from the airlines. This time Jet airlines service was a huge disappointment, the staff was rude. All they kept doing was blaming the customers for coming late etc.

We were stranded in the airport as we were accommodated in the 6 pm flight after many arguments and fight. We were offered compensation and free lounge service, but that doesn't make up for the day lost. Managing kid alone at the airport is a challenge.

Managed to reach home at midnight 7 hours later than I expected to be there. Mumbai Airport is huge, getting to the Ola floor with luggage and tired/ bored kid was a challenge. Overall it was an adventurous,challenging day and yes, all's well that ends well.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Break ke Baad

After disappearing for more than a couple of months , I am back here with some posts. The reason for disappearance being house shifting. The decision to move from that house was very painful, thanks to all the wonderful memories attached. But then nothing in life is permanent and things/ situations keep changing, we need to move with the flow.

After lot of house hunting, we zeroed on one house. As they say something touched our hearts and we knew this would be the one, the moment we stepped in. Very spacious, airy and lot of sunlight topped my checklist.

Also check for proximity of basics. Affordability is another factor, along with lot of free space for kids to play. Security is another important factor. The house ticked all the factors and yes, we were ready to move.

Then came the most bigger challenge of shifting, packing and unpacking. Shall share the details in another post soon. By the time we settled, it was time for a long impending vacation to hometown. This time for a month. I don't even remember last time I went for that long. Shall write about them later.

Planning to catch up with other bloggers as to what they have been doing soon and leave my thoughts.

Friday, March 09, 2018


After a fun 45 days yesterday, mom dad went back home. Its always tough saying bye to parents after getting used to staying with them and a routine setting in.

The house became empty, so did the interest to enter the kitchen and cook an elaborate meal. This time learnt Narayaneeyam from mom. Yes, I am proud to say I learnt and completed it once. Now comes the tougher part, practice and keep practicing till perfection.

Not an easy task, but going to try reading as regularly as possible. Learning should no go waste. One thing I observed I started enjoying reading and learning. Sanskrit words are challenging but the more you read, the more you start relating and feeling good. It relaxes and diverts your mind from all other thoughts in a big way.

This time mom also taught to make Karudams, Vadagams etc. Earlier she used to make and send, this time I tried and felt good learning and making them. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

An Observation

So much have been written and said about the Late Sridevi. We have lost a genuine talent, a brilliant performer. As a female /mom my heart goes out to the kids who have lost their mother, a husband who lost his wife. Yes, she may be a Superstar and as fan maybe we all deserve to know a few things like how she died. But media can show little more consideration and compassion,instead of running the same news for the whole time, its time to respect their privacy and give them their space to grieve for the lost one.

Whatever said and done, whatever said and done ,nothing is going to bring back the person who left.So the only thing we can do is pray for strength of her family and for the departed soul to Rest in Peace.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sridevi An ode to the First Superstar

Woke up this morning to the shocking news of legendary actress Sridevi passing. For some time the mind went numb, all her pretty expressions , her funny dialogues and her mystical smile flashed in my mind.

An actress, who was beautiful, I reminisced her best works Chandni, Sadma, English Vinglish and Lamhe. Just a few days back had watched Lamhe, a movie well ahead of time and realised what a genius Yash Chopra was. Anil Kapoor and Sridevi at their charismatic best. So was Anupam Kher and Waheeda Rehman.

A versatile actress who did justice to all the roles offered to her with conviction. Be it Anju and Manju in Chaalbaaz, Chandni in Chandni, Nehalata in Sadma, Pallavi and Pooja in Lamhe, Shashi in English Vinglish,Sheetal in Laadla, Benazir and Mehendi in Khuda Gawah. You have left a legacy behind.

Rest in Peace Sridevi .You will be remembered always for the work you did and that million dollar smile of yours. A very nice 4 lines forwarded I loved aptly commemorates her contribution.

  • वो "चांदनी" ना राही
  • गहरा "सदमा" दे गयी 
  • जिंदगी बड़ी "चालबाज" निकली
  • सबसे "जुदाई "दे गयी 
  • बडी जल्दी "आख़री रास्ता " से चली गयी 
  • बहुत "लम्हे" बाकी थे 
  • काश कोई "Mr इंडिया "आये और वह "नगीना " लौटा दे ||

Shifting Home

Sometime back we shifted home and it was quite a task to say the least. Packing and unpacking is fine, but somewhere in the middle there i...

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