2024 Resolutions

 We are almost a month into 2024 and now can safely say I have made resolutions and managed to stick at least to start with.

Eat healthier: People often resolve to make better food choices, incorporate more fruits and vegetables, and reduce the intake of unhealthy foods. Losing weight is the byproduct of that.#saynotojunk.

Save money/Manage finances better: Many people aim to be more financially responsible, save money, and reduce debt in the coming year.#moneyisimportant

Improve mental health: This can involve practices such as mindfulness, meditation, or seeking professional help to manage stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues. #mentalhealthisimportant

Spend more time with family and friends: Balancing work and personal life is important, and many people resolve to strengthen their relationships in the new year. Life is short make the most of it. Make memories and stay happy. #kalhonaaho

Read more: Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or self-help books, reading is a resolution that fosters personal growth and intellectual stimulation. And writing a review about good book is a high nothing matches.Reading is great but writing about it and encouraging more people to pick the book would be a good idea.#booksmyfirstlove

Remember that the key to successful resolutions is to set realistic and achievable goals, break them down into smaller steps, and stay committed throughout the year. It's also okay to adjust your goals as needed and celebrate your progress along the way.


  1. Loved this inspiring write-up! Realistic resolutions give us confidence that we can follow through them. Wonderful blog!

  2. Seeing the post well before time ,(month end) shows the significant steps you have decided to take this year, that's great!! Small steps to the finale climb, please keep sharing!

  3. Thanks gals for the motivation


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