Book Review #185 Flawed: A grumpy sunshine age gap romance (In Disgrace Book 1) : Shila Suraj



Why would anyone want perfection when they could have Vaani Jaishankar instead?

Aditya Khamankar was a chartered accountant who built his life on a bedrock of numbers. For no matter what happened, numbers and math never let you down. They stayed the same. And that fundamental fact defined many of his choices. He was the obedient son, the diligent student, the overachieving employee, the reliable friend. All he wanted in his life was routine and sensible discourse. All he craved in that same life was peace and quiet. And then his senior partner’s flighty daughter came home. And life as he knew it was never the same again…

Reality television villain and tabloid fodder, Vaani Jaishankar lived for the arclights. The notoriety, the glamour, the larger than life noise that came with it held her in thrall. Until the industry she loved and the people she trusted used and abandoned her. And now, she was back home. Darkening the doorstep of her childhood home, something she’d sworn she’d never do and working in her father’s accountancy firm…Could God just take her now already? And then there was her father’s business partner…

What happens when Perfection meets Flawed? Do the cracks beneath his façade show? Or is it as well hidden as the foundation of grit and ambition her shiny polish conceals?

When attraction wars with common sense and love burns a fiery rope that ties them together, Aditya and Vaani need to decide if this is enough…If they are enough for each other? For the world doesn’t believe they are and the world isn’t done with them yet…
My Thoughts:
What do I tell about this? Total Gem. Its sass meets perfection meets emotions. Very aptly titled this one talks about the greys we all carry.
Aditya Khamankar a perfect son has a picture-perfect life. But no one knows what goes behind that façade. People see him as a successful CA taking on the world, but there are deals where in he is at the raw end of the stick. A perfectionist who takes his work very seriously and a hard task master. He battles his own demons and a family that keeps challenging him.
Vaani Jaishankar the black sheep of the family. Always called out for her choices. Her successful father doesn’t approve of her choices and is orthodox which makes her rebel more for her rights. She’s unpredictable vulnerable and has no filters. Working hard to make her place in the showbiz. Wanting to be successful on her own terms she had walked out vowing to never come back but situations make her do exactly make her do the opposite.
The wit, humour, sass and war of words between the leads sets up the stage for their crackling chemistry. The books hold your attention from the start. One of the breezy reads that also talks about greys in a more prolific way.


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