Book Review #186 All That Sizzles : Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

My Thoughts:

A captivating and flavourful love story! The unique characters, Nik and Tanvi, bring their distinct personalities to the narrative, and the analogy with culinary elements adds a delightful touch. 

The metaphor of Sev Puri is what comes to my mind to describe the layers and surprises in the book, setting the stage for the rich and multifaceted love story between Nik and Tanvi.

The contrast between Nik's reclusive nature and Tanvi's outgoing personality creates a dynamic and engaging relationship. The incorporation of Tanvi's boisterous family adds depth to the story, with the well-knit and protective family serving as a strong backdrop.

The analogy of the strong storyline being like the aloo that binds everything together is a clever way to express the coherence of the narrative. For me the friendships like chutneys, the royal angle like coriander, and the exploration of mental health, adds layers of complexity to the story. The crunch of the story is the romance and understanding that’s like Sev.

The book and the author's ability to incorporate various nuances without being preachy or boring is evident.The book has left such a positive impression, and the mention of incorporating mental health and depression into the storyline is commendable for addressing important and relevant themes.

Overall, Sakshama is vivid, creative and expressive. 2024 started with a literary bang and I am eager to savour the Flavors of this story again and again. Cheers to a fantastic reading experience!


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