Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lord Ram

These days as I watch Siya ke Ram and read more mythological books, I have started seeing Lord Ram in a different light. Earlier I always used to not like him when he didn’t trust Sita, the Agni Pariksha moment, asking her to leave the kingdom and go etc., but as I have grown up and started re-reading the sequences, I somewhere even connect to his point of view.

Now I have started to understand how difficult it must have been to ask her to do those things, it was not that he didn’t trust her, it was that he was protecting her trust in herself by doing them. He was fully aware that, after many years there would be a time when people would question his decisions and also make a hue and cry about the trouble he has caused Sita. He knew we would all pity Sita and he would be seen as a husband who doesn’t trust his wife. But now when I started reading about Sita, I have realized that he was right as Sita would never have been able to bear the mistrust in eyes of her people, kingdom, the one she had started to love and feel responsible about. She would never have been able to look in the eyes of people who always doubted her chastity.

Now I have started analyzing Lord Ram in a different light. My respect for him is growing and I feel proud even that in spite of knowing the consequences of the decisions he went ahead and took them and he was also always faithful to her in spite of the fact that he had the choice to remarry. Now I understand why women wish to have a husband like Ram.

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