Book Review #184 Death On The Doorstep: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery! (The Accidental Psychic Book 1)



When a bewitching spell goes wrong…

Almost thirty, almost divorced, and about to sell her last pair of Jimmy Choos to make rent, Sitara Singhal thinks she has hit rock bottom. And then she finds out her mother is coming to visit her in London. Which would have been lovely, except that her overbearing mother doesn't know she's getting divorced and Sitara would like to keep it that way until she’s ready to tell her.

When her estranged husband, Blake, refuses to pretend they are still married, Sitara’s best friend convinces her to cast a spell on him. But, can someone who doesn’t believe in mumbo jumbo perform actual magic with a spell found in a spell book of questionable origin? As it turns out, she can. With disastrous results!

When the spell backfires and accidentally turns her psychic, Sitara sees her first ghost, and it is the last person she'd ever want to see - Blake’s awful girlfriend, Shazia, who has just been killed. To make things worse, Sitara is the prime suspect in the murder.

Now, she's stuck with a vindictive ghost, a grieving ex, and the very bossy DI Richard Collins who is investigating the murder. Can Sitara find the real killer and prove her innocence?

To find out, read 
Death on the Doorstep, the first book in The Accidental Psychic series.
It is a funny, paranormal cozy mystery set in London.

My Thoughts:

A mystic chant gone wrong.

Sitara a simple fun-loving girl, is in midst of chaos since too many things happening in her life. She separated from Blake her husband whom she is best friends with; she hasn’t informed her family about the impending divorce; she works hard to make ends meet in spite of Blake offering her alimony. She hates Blakes now girl friend Shazia. The feeling is mutual for both ladies as Shazia is insecure and territorial and somewhere scared that Sitara would want to reconcile.

Now Sitara’s mom is planning to visit her and Blake. Unable to tell her judgemental mother about the impending divorce she wants Blake to bail her out. Shazia not ready to leave the house.

Phew so many chaos and in this to get a solution she chants a bewitching spell only to have it backfired. Now Shazia is dead and Sitara is the prime suspect. As if this is not enough the case is handled by Sitara’s blast from the past DI Richard Collins.

Is this Sitara’s calling? Is this what she’s good at? How she manages to escape the flying pans and over excited spirits forms the story. 

Loved Sitara as she is vulnerable yet strong. She is scared yet unfazed. She’s determined to help find the culprit not only to clear her name but a closure for Shazia. The story is fast paced, thrilling and funny, giving lol moments.

One of best light thrillers read in recent times. Thoroughly entertaining as well as suspenseful one. The combination can’t  get better than this


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