Happy 50th Little Master


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, now this is not a name it’s an emotion. This name takes me back to time when even test matches were a rage. A man who had the protentional to lock people at homes when he’s out to bat. An enigma that continued and stayed with us in our good, bad, worse times.

Seeing him play the country comes to a standstill. Heartbeats in mouth we all pray for him. His success is ours; his pains are ours. When he had a issue with his tennis elbow and couldn’t play for months even a commoner read, researched and prayed hard for him to feel better and start playing again.

What makes him so special for the world to love him?

For me I feel humble nature, down to earth attitude is what connects us to him. I find him easy going, a simple guy from a middle-class background not swayed away by the money and fame.

I find him grounded and simple who values his family, parents, Guru and his brother who is the one who identified his talent and pushed him in the right direction. People these days tend to move on and forget where they come from but not him.

I had an opportunity to see him once at the airport. This was the year the IPL started and the country went frenzy. In spite of being so busy and hurried by his guards (as he was late and the flight was waiting only for him to board) a small request from me in that hurry worry he stopped for a second and gave me a smile to click the picture. That is my most priced procession till date. A dream come true moment.

Happy Birthday Sachin. Thank you for being an inspiration, motivation and teaching us how to balance success and humbleness. Thank you for being a role model to look up to. The nation needs more like you. Cheers for many more to come.

 PS: Thank you Raju for buying me my best birthday gift; with all your savings: The making of Sachin Tendulkar. I still hold it precious.


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