Book Review # 182 Bad Girl Gone Wicked : Shilpa Suraj

Tara Wadwa is a promising cricketer. A captain who leads her team from the front. A strong passionate sportsperson who is equally feminine and vulnerable, the side she normally keeps hidden. She gets embroiled in a controversy and has to be bailed out that’s what the Board feels, to clean up her image. As if a sportsperson can’t have a personal life, can’t make mistakes or enjoy her life.

Enter Nikhil the one who is hired to help her clean up her “so called” image. He’s the one with responsibilities, who takes life very seriously, a very disciplined man who assumes her to be a brat and irresponsible. Although he has a crush on her and a biggest fan, he still judges her.

She’s a rebel and he’s a stickler for squeaky clean image. What happens when the titans clash? Heart break or HEA? Read the book to find out.

A very strong female character. She’s one of a kind. I guess it’s very rare to write about a sports female protagonist.  That’s the USP of the book which gives the reader lots of situations to ponder about. Also, the media rather the paparazzi culture which we see around everywhere. Yes the ones who think all famous people don’t have right to have a personal life and are available for public consumption always and we have the right to give a media trial and pass a verdict is used well by the author very nicely.

Also a very beautiful way of incorporating the mindset of the parents to always judge their children and force their choices on them. Parents really need to understand and be a little more accommodating. Its ok to have a different taste or passion for the child to pursue. Nothing wrong and the least u can do is support them rather than putting them down and hitting them with words/actions when they are at their worst. 

A series that’s handled a radically different friends, their POV and their life stories. Loved Loved Loved this.

5 💫💫💫💫💫


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