Book Review 181 Wrong: Shilpa Suraj


One wrong choice on the eve of her wedding has left Ananya married to one brother and in love with THE OTHER

Ananya Saxena is the good girl who has always done the right thing. She is a dutiful wife, faithful daughter-in-law, fierce champion of the law. Except, in her heart was another phrase—reckless lover. An impossible choice for a good Indian girl. Duty had Ananya marry her best friend only to end up with a bitter, vengeful husband. Arvin Saxena is now a cripple, both physically and emotionally, after his wife’s confession the day before they were to be married. So, Arvin’s never-ending pain finds release only in hurting her. What he doesn’t know is that her secret sin was loving Arnav Saxena. Arnav turned his back on all of them when she discarded him and married his younger brother.
When he is forced to return, it sets Ananya on a collision course with fate and she chooses desire over duty to embark on an affair with Arnav. For a brief glorious time, they have it all. But soon, Ananya is faced with yet another life-changing decision when adultery, bankruptcy and a web of lies bring her to a crossroads. The dutiful wife or the defiant lover... who does she choose to be? And does she really even have a choice?

My Take:

2023 starts with a bang. Wow what a book. One of the very best If I may say so. Although too early in the year. The way the author writes, the flow just makes it unputdownable.

Arvin is handsome, successful all good but flawed. Losing his leg in a accident he is bitter, negative about life and his wife Ananya. For the world they are a super successful pair, good looking, made for each other. But the fact is vice versa.

Ananya is gutsy, strong and a very successful lawyer. She fights against domestic violence, women’s rights. All great but cannot fight against her husband in spite of being flawed. She loved someone married someone but never really could love him.

Best friends who never really fell in love at least from her end. He has loved her and losing her to another man who he didn’t know is his own brother destroyed him at many levels. He found solace in her pain.

Aryan is the one who has loved and lost his love. He comes back to reignite the love and passion which only complicates the equation between the 3 of them. Although Arvin is unaware of who Ananya is in love with.

Emotions run high in this. A very complicated, complex tangle untangled by Shilpa with their words. The book is thought provoking which keeps running in your mind even after finishing. It really makes you wonder;

Is doing the right thing always right?

Is it worth it?

5/5 for this masterpiece.


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