A New laptop, New year, New beginnings.

2022, hmm the year passed by as many has without us realizing where and how it went.

2022 was a little lenient in most ways as things opened up, routine started people became more outgoing. Life has almost become normal. The scare of Covid has started to peep its ugly head now towards the end but hope its just not as scary as the previous one.

Personally 2022 was decent with nothing much to complain and a lot more to be grateful about. Normal ups and downs we all go through but as long as the power above is with us we should be just happy and at peace.

2022 has also disturbed me with some shocking losses. My heart goes out to the people who lost their near and dear ones. One has affected me deeper than I care to show.

Hope to be more disciplined, positive and motivated in 2023. Also more regular with my writings and posting, which in 2022 was lost. More connected with self and more patient and forgiving.


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