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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Book Review # 144 Bathinda to Bangkok: Vibha Batra


Mahi's back in the pavilion, but, ji, her dreams got mixed with mud. Hopes got crushum-crushed. Heart became pieces-pieces. As if life isn't tatti enough, one after another new-new siyapas are starting.
Mahi's hungry to grow Ludhiana to London, her party-planning company, to international height. Lavith, her international returned ex-love, is thirsty for her blood. Leave work-life balance, she's toh losing mental balance.

Her BFF (Bechari Frustoo Friend) Dingy's to-be-in-laws are refusing first night in Bangkok. Her other BFF, Dumpy's refusing to go anywhere without his Combo Pack -- his Sweet Knife GF Simran and her paindu brother Raj. Her brother Niku's business problem is not saying bye-bye. And her stepmom Bhooto (short for Bhootni) is - hai-hai - don't ask.

But the question bothering her the most is: Will her ex come back to her? Will it be Lav-ith or Leave-it for Mahi?

My Take:

A destination wedding, a wedding planner team of besties, blast from the past, odds to manage and a super fun loving Punjabi blended English speaking Mahi. A story that will keep you hooked and smiling till the end.

I loved the characters are blended. The highlight being the switch between Punjabi English (Mahi) and proper English (Lavith). Their camaderie and nok jhok adds a tadka to the story.

Mahi is bold and fiesty and inspite of being the best in the wedding business her personal life has been in dumps as she is unable to overcome her breakup with Lavith. With her best friend and partner's dream of destination wedding takes her to Bangkok she comes face to face with her ex. Will sparks fly again? Will the destination wedding be a success? Pick up the book to find out.

The writing is simple and Punjabish.The book is like a pickle; spicy,tangy ,and yummy, It grows on you as you start connecting with the characters. The story moves fast and keep throwing new challenges. The humor is subtle and catchy. A fun read .

I would rate this 4.7/5

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