Sunday, November 11, 2018

After Diwali

I guess we all hate the after festive period. :) The thought of getting back to routine after a fun filled festive season and family time seems daunting.  Just was thinking about how I was all excited a week back, thinking about the festival of lights, making snacks and planning to have all fun and today, feeling all bored sad thinking about the holiday coming to an end and routine setting in tomorrow.

 I guess this is the cycle of life and very rightly set. Imagine if we had only holidays and fun times, would we have valued it as much??? Would spending time with family, making new memories, relaxing  sound this exciting if we get to do them everyday?

The answer is I guess we all know. So put a smile on your face and look forward for the Monday coming soon. 

Hope you all had a great DIWALI..

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