Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mixed Feelings

There are days when nothing goes as planned. There are times when all we feel is to give up and sit back. But these are the times we need to hang on. Patience is a key word. Sometimes it helps ,sometimes it doesn't. There are days when I feel I should keep writing and vice versa.

There's always a quest to succeed but at my terms. People say you need to be seen in all  media platforms for being successful. I am hardly on any. I mean I use them but sparingly. My food one is there on a couple of social medias. I hate it when people follow you and unfollow . I mean why follow in the first place later to unfollow. Social media these days are only hype.

I keep cribbing, irritated,disappointed, discouraged when I see people being able to succeed and me still lagging, then I remind myself, take a deep breath and say "Don't Give Up". It's easier to crib, cry and give up but it takes lot of hard work and mental strength to keep going and hanging around. Maybe someday I would get recognized for my work, maybe never. But when you feel, this is what you wish to do, then we need to just keep doing it with passion.

Success doesn't equal to passion. Writing helps me de clutter. If anyone in some part of the world goes through the same feelings, and is motivated by my words/ work I would feel I am successful.

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