Thursday, July 05, 2018

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I am reading The Song of Vrindavan: A Radha Krishna Love Story (Hastinapur Book 4) by Sharath Komarraju. I haven't read any of his works before this and I know I am starting a series from the middle. ( I should have read 1 first)

But this one has me hooked. So far this version/ interpretation has been very interesting. I am waiting to finish and share my reviews here soon. A very different approach by the author to write about Radha Krishna's known story and also Krishna's growing up stories in a fictional way. Normally a 350 page book for me should take a day or two, but thanks to the authors ability to spin the story so beautifully, here I am spending more time lingering around the narration and imagining the scenes. I am actually mesmerized. Waiting to read what happens next, but couldn't also resist sharing my thoughts.

Anyone else have read this?? Any thoughts?

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