Monday, July 23, 2018

Book Review #51: Love.exe : Manju Nambiar

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Nitya Balakrishnan, a young girl from Kerala had it all planned out. She was going to live a life of her dreams in the United States of America. And she thought she had nailed it, when she was accepted into one of the best universities of the world. But cosmos had other plans and conspired to drop love.exe into her.

He came with a bang and stole her away in a breath. Love was not quite there in her agenda, but her heart wouldn’t hear of it. The human heart has its own little brain with its strange logic that remains elusive to our reasoning. For once, she just let it be, only to realize that there is no undo button.

This coming of age, beautiful tale of love, relationships and dreams would prick your soul, bring a smile to you , and tear up your eyes. A must read !

My Take:

One of the most beautiful contemporary romances read in recent times. Really loved the theme and the way the story is narrated. Not everyone is able to pull off such subtle way of story telling. Manju Nambiar has managed to. A feel good book which puts a smile on your face at the end. Like the banter between the leads and the way the characters are etched.

I fell in love with Ganapaty in the end like Nithya. I realized I was reading the story from Nitya's point of view. And like her I too judged him very early. :😀😀

An apt read if you love romance books and look forward for a light read. Looking forward for more books from you author. The story talks about a woman, her independence and choices she makes. She 's pretty headstrong and full marks to the author for sketching her that way. The one who can stand up for herself, gutsy and supported by her family in all situations.

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