Sunday, June 03, 2018

Vacation Diaries (Contd)

I was vary of kiddo. As I said was doubtful of him coping up with heat. But surprisingly we coped well. In fact he enjoyed the trip so much that he said we should come next time too for the summer vacations. We joined the library the very next day and have read books like there's no tomorrow. Lots of Marathi books were pending in my list and this time I can say I more than am satisfied laying my hands on the wonderful books.

Books truly makes us happy. Kiddo went berserk seeing the books and used to exchange everyday twice. Am happy and proud to pass the reading baton to him. We walked through all the lanes, ate lots of street foods, explored and revisited the nostalgic places like the school and college. Yes this time I made it a point to show the school and college to the kiddo. He was in awe as they were not like his ones, ours had different benches, fans etc.

The best part was we had time. Time to stop by and enjoy the moment. Ate lots of mangoes. Yes I was terribly missing the mangoes and the kulfies. Also got to meet friends with time in hand. Thanks to an engagement and a thread ceremony (Poonal) could meet my both side cousins and extended family. :) Now that was a bonus.

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