Thursday, June 21, 2018

Shifting Home

Sometime back we shifted home and it was quite a task to say the least. Packing and unpacking is fine, but somewhere in the middle there is a very important big task of sorting and throwing unwanted things. That is quite  a task than the actual shifting.

I had a tough time deciding what all to keep and to dispose. Lot of things lying around were for emotional reasons. :P.  So after lots of going front and back I kept few, discarded few.

Also this one task reintroduced me to lot of things which were "lost" in the house. Lots of unused boxes/ plates / crockery sets. (This when, I was eyeing some of the latest ones online  ;).For now had to hold the buying ideas and use the "found the lost ones".

But this cleaning up also gave me back the old slam books, greeting cards, diaries,letters. I loved going through them again after a decade.

What are your best memories of shifting / DE cluttering?

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