Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review#48: A Silent Promise: Namrata Gupta


“It is about two individuals being fascinated by each other, two souls understanding
each other, and two human beings admiring each other...”
Avantika's rose tinted glasses grow hazy as she steps into college with a broken
heart. She is instantly surrounded with a whole lot of drama from people around
her. But slowly, the DU campus life charms her and makes her forget the
suffering from her past, especially by bringing her to her soulmate Keith – the
one who teaches her the true meaning of being alive.
Everything seems fine, except the nightmare that comes to haunt her over and
over. She wishes it away, but cannot. Finally, on the day she experiences some of
the most beautiful moments of her life, destiny lays bare a cruel plan.
Walk with Avantika as she brings Keith's dreams to reality, and fulfils A Silent

My Take:

The blurb sounded good. The book could have been more crisper . Lot of places were dragging. The character of only the lead is developed properly, rest all just are there in background. No explanation given to why the ex left. Just half baked.

The nightmare angle could have been explored a little more. The connection with the story wasn't very convincing.

The story with the Professor  Keith sounded more filmy, it was more like the attraction was only because he was good looking although had a disability. No much attention is given to the background of Keith, his flashback. The book ends very abruptly leaving us confused and unsatisfied.

Read only of you have nothing else to do.Can be avoided.

The takeaway point for me from this book is that enjoy the present and live life now. Tomorrow is unknown.

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