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Monday, June 25, 2018

Book Review # 47: The Pursuit of Love Deepa Vishal


Vidyut has it all - a job which he is passionate about, a wife whom he loves more than anyone in the world and great friends. (If there is anything wrong in this order, he is yet to realize that!) One small incident shows him that all is not as well in his universe as he imagines to be. Aryan silently loves Kiran but decides to stay comfortably in the 'friend-zone', scared of declaring his feelings to her. Some serious and some not-so-serious attempts follow as both the guys pursue the ladies whom they love. In their pursuit , they learn that in the end, only love matters and nothing else!

My Take:

This one was one of the good books read. Emotions were expressed beautifully, in a language that most of us relate to. A story we see happening around us all the time. A very important lesson on relationships shared here.

A lesson of taking the other person for granted and when we realize that its late. Late to make amends. Late to make the other person realize that they are very important to us. Now whether the other person sees and accepts this is for the readers to find out. 

The narration is simple, crisp and the story moves at a nice pace , no unnecessary dragging and drama created here. I liked the message the story shares and would recommend to all who keep saying they are too busy and focused on their lives. Relationships are equally important and make sure you start giving it the same importance as much as work and other important things in life. After all we all need that special someone around us all the time.

You can buy the book here.

Deepa Vishal is a school friend. I realized this much later. When on a social platform she mentioned about the book. I am always a fan of Indian authors so had picked the book on a whim. Now to know that someone I knew of has written this wonderful story made me feel proud. Keep writing Deepa. Now you have made a fan. :)

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