Thursday, May 31, 2018

Vacation Diaries

This time, after ages went home for a month. While leaving from here was wondering what all to do, vary of kiddo whether he would be bored, bear the heat etc. After staying on Bangalore for so long taking Mumbai heat is a challenge.

Leaving from home was smooth but a huge challenge awaited at the airport where the airlines flight was overbooked, so much chaos, fighting and delay with no proper response from the airlines. This time Jet airlines service was a huge disappointment, the staff was rude. All they kept doing was blaming the customers for coming late etc.

We were stranded in the airport as we were accommodated in the 6 pm flight after many arguments and fight. We were offered compensation and free lounge service, but that doesn't make up for the day lost. Managing kid alone at the airport is a challenge.

Managed to reach home at midnight 7 hours later than I expected to be there. Mumbai Airport is huge, getting to the Ola floor with luggage and tired/ bored kid was a challenge. Overall it was an adventurous,challenging day and yes, all's well that ends well.

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