Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Break ke Baad

After disappearing for more than a couple of months , I am back here with some posts. The reason for disappearance being house shifting. The decision to move from that house was very painful, thanks to all the wonderful memories attached. But then nothing in life is permanent and things/ situations keep changing, we need to move with the flow.

After lot of house hunting, we zeroed on one house. As they say something touched our hearts and we knew this would be the one, the moment we stepped in. Very spacious, airy and lot of sunlight topped my checklist.

Also check for proximity of basics. Affordability is another factor, along with lot of free space for kids to play. Security is another important factor. The house ticked all the factors and yes, we were ready to move.

Then came the most bigger challenge of shifting, packing and unpacking. Shall share the details in another post soon. By the time we settled, it was time for a long impending vacation to hometown. This time for a month. I don't even remember last time I went for that long. Shall write about them later.

Planning to catch up with other bloggers as to what they have been doing soon and leave my thoughts.

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