Friday, March 09, 2018


After a fun 45 days yesterday, mom dad went back home. Its always tough saying bye to parents after getting used to staying with them and a routine setting in.

The house became empty, so did the interest to enter the kitchen and cook an elaborate meal. This time learnt Narayaneeyam from mom. Yes, I am proud to say I learnt and completed it once. Now comes the tougher part, practice and keep practicing till perfection.

Not an easy task, but going to try reading as regularly as possible. Learning should no go waste. One thing I observed I started enjoying reading and learning. Sanskrit words are challenging but the more you read, the more you start relating and feeling good. It relaxes and diverts your mind from all other thoughts in a big way.

This time mom also taught to make Karudams, Vadagams etc. Earlier she used to make and send, this time I tried and felt good learning and making them. 

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