Saturday, February 17, 2018

Simple joys

Simple joys are well, simple to start with 😃 . But the definition of simple joys keep changing with time and age.

Previously eating out used to be joy. Now eating home cooked food is joy.

Always we realize the value of mom cooked food when we have to fend for ourselves.

Watching a movie without disturbance is joy.

Getting hot dosas/ rotis from the tava direct on plate is joy.

Not having to worry about what to cook tomorrow or the next meal is joy.

Getting to read your favorite authors book without having to wait is joy.

An impromptu coffee or dinner date with hubby is joy.

Getting mom's favorite saree and watching her reaction is joy.

The most favorite one being having your loved ones around you and chit chatting with them.

Maybe a few years back had I thought of simple joys of life I guess the list would have been different.
That's what maybe time and growing up does to you.

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