Friday, February 16, 2018

Book Review# 46:9 Yards of Silk Sakshi Kiran

This book was sent by the author in exchange of a honest review.


Shakuntala lives with her son Bharat in a deep forest. One fine day Bharat reminds her of his father, resulting to upset her. As the child goes out to play a celestial maiden Menaka appears in front of her who offers friendship, suggesting to share their stories with each other. Menaka tells her about Kaushik, a sage to whom she was sent by Indra for disturbing his fierce penance and how they ended up falling for one another. Shakuntala also shares her story of meeting and marrying the charming prince of Hastinapur who later abandoned her. During the conversation Shakuntala finds blessings in her life, why she was abandoned by parents at birth and how her estranged husband was just a victim of circumstances for leaving her. After Menaka's departure, Dushyant returns to her in the hope of reuniting with family. Now it is Shakuntala's turn to decide. What would she choose? (less)

My Take:

The book opens well with a beautiful conversation between two very strong females, Menaka the celestial Apsara and Shakuntala. We all know the Menaka and the Shakuntala story. But what I loved about the book was the way they conversed, as two powerful ladies.

 The author has used her imagination; combined with mythology and written a  beautiful story. The story is crisp. These days many authors write about the mythological genre. Putting across their point of view, or should I say add their color to the story/picture. Sometimes its interesting/ thought provoking.

Language could have been better,Some stories I feel should be shared in a language that suits the era.  A good attempt to share a different point of view. The female characters are described beautifully. Although I felt the Kaushik character had more scope for development. I even felt the character of Bharat half baked, Would have liked to read a little more about him.

Overall a great attempt from a debutante author and I would wish you all the best for your future. This book is fast paced and to the point without much lengthy narrations. A beautiful addition to my collection.

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