Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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An excerpt from the current reading :Kartikeya by Anuja Chandramouli.

And yet this was the precise moment when hope had been resurrected. The  war would be over soon and a new order would image emerge from the Ashes of the old . The sun would rise in the new,golden age and for a while at least all would be bright and beautiful again .

"I come bearing  presents" Vishnu told Kartik who seem to have cheer up considerably. Garuda, who has been watching the proceedings in silence stepped forward and place the offerings of the day was in front of Shiva's son who examined the splendid Treasures on display with mild curiosity. There was gold aplenty and silver in addition to crowns,diadems, a whole of jangly jewellery and great minds of precious stones.

 Even more impressive were the weapons they had sent no doubt an oblique him to get off his behind, pick them up and charge into war.

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