Sunday, January 21, 2018

Book Review# 45: Soul Mates: Beenu

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Ajanta, a 30 year old divorcee, who runs away from her past, is leading an independent life with her pet cat "Pepper" in Coimbatore. Without the slightest knowledge of her "symptoms of depression", she paddles through her regular routine when she comes across her childhood crush, Ajay. Life starts taking unexpected turns pushing her to an emotional turmoil. Will Ajay be able to help Ajanta from the hell hole? Or will he be the reason for her to sink deep into the hole?

My Review:

The book is pretty simple, in a smooth language. Pretty straight forward and focuses on the inner peace. We all look for happiness in other person, but our happiness lies within our self, this is the gist of the story. The takeaway is that we keep forgetting in our stressed and busy day to day life.

The story revolves around Ajanta and her quest for happiness. The end I found to be abrupt. Maybe its an open ending, but somewhere I felt the story to be incomplete.

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