Thursday, December 14, 2017

Weight Loss

I am on a 3 month weight loss program and so far I have lost

2 months!! 😎

Okay, I know its a bad joke, but couldn't help sharing the forward, this has been the saga almost everyone relate to. I mean almost all of us want to lose weight and we have this resolution every year to do the same but most of us end up doing nothing about the same. I mean we all crib but never work towards achieving it.

Losing weight is something even I keep promising to myself. No not for looking good, or fitting in some dress, but to feel fitter and energetic. I have also read a lot of books and articles which have inspired me/ motivated me but for a very short time, I go back to square one soon 😅.  Eat healthy, motivate self, drink lots of water etc are some of the basics.

I am sharing some tips here which might help me too to keep fit.

1. Look for that friend or partner who is going through the same situation. Talk about it, chalk a plan and then start working towards them.

2.First set realistic goals, as when they get achieved we get a boost and motivation to go further.

3.Join any Zhumba/ Pilates/ Yoga classes and start going regularly. Initially its tough and we feel like giving up but with time we start feeling better.

4.If this sounds difficult, start going for walks. Start with a distance which is achieved easily and then slowly increase the speed and reduce the time.

5.DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FAVORITE FOODS. Control the portions. Also don't push too hard give some time for things to change and grow on you.

6.Be happy. Keep smiling and celebrate all small achievements as they pave way for bigger ones.

7. Develop a routine and yes, try to follow it.

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