Friday, October 06, 2017

Mumbai Diaries

First two days Rain God troubled a lot. Torrential rains hit the city and were very unforgiving. Life almost came to a halt. But then we had library very close to home so I picked up Marathi books which had a huge backlog thanks to absence from the city for more than 2 years (too many books had released :D ) The likes of Vijaya Vaad, Suresh Vaidya, Mangala Godbole, B L Mahabal to name a few authors I read.

Going out in rains and eating Pani Puri and hot hot Vada Pav is a total bliss. You have to experience it to realize the fun. Dombivli hasn’t changed much I realized same shops, same shop keepers, almost mechanical. Somewhere I felt good to be back in old things but somewhere it felt saturated also. But again would say there’s no city like Mumbai.

One of the best libraries close by is Friends Library. Nestled in a small lane opposite Tilak Nagar School this one boasts of a very large collection of books. I have been a member since ages now. The book collection is just very huge and there’s something for everyone. These days even they have started delivering books home. J

So people in and around Mumbai can make use of this wonderful facility. I am yet to see such a huge collection here in Bangalore. A treat for book readers.

You can get the details here


  1. Friend's Library - Those were the best days of my life. I miss the days when I could peruse their shelves hours on the end to find the right book for me.

    This is where I got introduced to some of the best fiction writers that I am a hardcore fan of now. Writers like: John Grisham, Matt Reilly, James Rollins, Ashok Banker and many many more...

    1. Nothing about Mumbai and life there can be forgotten.


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