Thursday, October 26, 2017

After Effects of Diwali

The festive season is over. 😭 I hate this null period. The shops wear a deserted look. Empty boxes around the house. Leftover snacks screaming for attention. More irritating is the thought that nothing there till December. No festival to look forward to.

During the festive seasons, time flies. Everyone around is happy ,brimming with joy, kids playing around, making killa (fort) used to be a highlight and looking forward to show creativity then, this one thing used to keep us busy and give ladies the leisure of time to make yummy snacks. The aroma wafting from the houses used to tempt us and yes, we used to share and taste snacks from almost all houses in our society. Gosh even the thought makes me nostalgic.😇

When we were kids Diwali used to be more fun compared to today, when people don't have time to enjoy the festivals. Festivals those days used to be occasions to meet and greet friends and family. Sadly these days; people hardly get leave on the festive day and whatever time is present people spend digitally wishing each other online rather than face to face. One disadvantage of changing corporate culture. 😏

Getting back to routine after festival is always difficult. Worse it is for people who go home for festive and come back. The sinking feeling of loneliness, missing near ones and the fun times make it more difficult.

Thankfully as yet kids get holidays.

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