Thursday, October 05, 2017

A trip to Mumbai

It’s been 3 years I visited and this time when I went I had made a list. List of friends/ relatives I wanted to meet for sure. Places I wanted to go, temples and eateries. There are so many memories attached to that place that it’s always difficult for me to say bye and come back.

There’s some magic about hometown. So many things to do, so many moments to relive. The best thing about Mumbai is that no matter how long you stay away from the city, this one always welcomes you. You become a part of the crowd. The city hasn’t changed much and I felt like I have just started from where I left. J

Going to write about the Mumbai trip in parts; reliving them, savoring them like a piece of my favorite chocolate. Hope you all enjoy reading the same too. Was lucky to have met my favorite Sir, but sad have not be able to go to school and college L

Read a lot of Marathi Books, which I seldom get to, read here. Had lots of Chats and the very famous and all time favorite food Vada Pav.

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  1. Damn it, don't make me jealous... [eye roll] some of the things that I miss solidly about India in general and Mumbai/Dombivli in particular is how the city would never sleep, there was a cup of tea, some vada pav or bhaji to found in every corner of the city no matter the time of the day or night.

    I miss that everyday here especially on the weekends...

    Damn sis you have made me nostalgic.... Boo!!!


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