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Book Review# 35: In the name of God :Ravi Subramanian


The Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram safeguards within its sacrosanct walls centuries of customs and rituals, unimaginable wealth and an unwavering calm. Until a dead body turns up in its holy pond. And then another. The murders threaten to shake the temple’s very foundation, and when fingers point to its sealed vaults and its custodian, Aswathi Thirunal Dharmaraja Varma, the titular king of Travancore, all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, a high-profile heist in a jewelry store at the Wafi Mall in Dubai leads investigators to a massive smuggling racket and brings Kabir Khan, additional director of the CBI, into the heart of south India. In Mumbai, a series of high-intensity explosions kills many, threatening to dismantle the country’s most coveted diamond trade. Could these incidents be related? Racing against time, Kabir tries to unravel the puzzle, separating fact from fiction, history from religion, and put a stop to the killing spree. Slick, riveting and fast-paced, In the Name of God is Ravi Subramanian’s most gripping novel yet.

My Take:

The synopsis had me intrigued. The moment I read it I was sure I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on this. I started reading in morning and finished in 4 hours. That was the power of the story. You cannot just put it down once you start reading. The story moves at a gripping pace, with detailed development of characters some even bordering shades of grey.

Being a thriller, the moment I finished was drained. It took me sometime to collect myself. It felt like a roller coaster ride. This one I have to say is his best till date. The banker series was great but this blew me away. The protagonists and the antagonists are a mystery till the end. You can never guess. The story is beautifully moving around the famous Padmanabhamaswamy temple.

In fact I feel that’s the best part of the book, the author has very beautifully used the mystery angle around the temple. The curiosity created by the synopsis is very well justified by the author. The only tiny thing that I wasn’t convinced was the role of the king. In the end his role in the story remained a mystery. I felt something incomplete about him in the end. I love the way the author connected the stories rather incidents happening in different places in the end. Wonder how they manage to crack such beautiful stories.

True, that when it comes to God and Supernatural powers, even the country system can’t do much.

My Rating:
Undoubtedly 5/5. Go grab a copy and you won’t be disappointed. The author in one word would just say AWESOME. Keep writing. Looking forward for more such gem from you.


  1. Dont know how I missed reading this review Kavi... thanks a ton. Am super thrilled :) Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sir. This one made my day. 😀😀


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