Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review # 33: Every time it Rains: Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh, I read her love@facebook and found it not bad for a new author. Since then she has been doing great with her story telling abilities. I like the emotional quotient in her books.


A haunting love story that does grip, the theme of the book is revealed in its title itself. The book has been widely read by youngsters in India, especially girls.

'Like a Love Song' has a young woman Maahi come to terms in seeking true love, something that remains elusive for many and most dreams often die before they could ever be lived.

A four year old traumatizing heartbreak is something that the young woman finds hard to overcome. Time does heal and so it was for Maahi.

Just when she has nearly buried the past and is out exploring new relationships, having become confident of being in a true love bond, the past comes around to haunt Maahi.

As the blurb of the book puts it, 'Love is a many-flavoured thing' the authoress portrays that all aspirations about love can vanish 'in the blink of an eye'. A constant struggle between the heart and the head, strong emotions in conflict with plain reason, the story is an emotional saga about self-destructive love contrasted with the healing powers of true passion.

Written in plain, simple but good English, the book has been well received by a growing fan following of Nikita Singh’s novel readers.

My Review:
The book traces the journey of Laila a baker who owns a small café, her dreams, turmoil she faces in life and how normally we all become wary of trying the same thing if we get bitten once.
Makes a great read as the author is able to exactly put in words almost all the feelings of the character. The journey is defined beautifully using the baking back drop. All the characters are justified as in parallel their stories too tumble out.

An emotional read and the take away from this one in simple words is “Be positive”.

I would rate this one 4/5 as I found it interesting.

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