Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sachin -A-Z Challenge 2017

One celebrity inspiration I follow very religiously is Sachin Tendulkar. A master in his own right, God of cricket, one of the most talented batsman, human being (I am yet to hear that he was rude), a person everyone connects to. There’s some aura about him that we all connect to him, understand him or even love him so unconditionally.

His success is ours, his failures makes us cry. Whenever I see him I wonder how is he able to maintain that aura in spite of retiring from the sport. Still wherever he goes, he makes news. There are many cricketers who have played and retired nut don’t command such attention. There are so many things to learn from him, the important being modesty, humbleness and the curiosity to learn more. In spite of learning and playing the game for so many years he stays grounded. Fame hasn’t entered his head.

I hope he has many such great birthdays and keep the nation inspiring. A post to him is never enough to explain what he means to me or many millions who love him.


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