Q- Quitting A-Z Challenge 2017

One of the sad things these days we get to see is quitting or giving up before even trying doing things. These days quitting or leaving things mid-way sounds more feasible than standing back and waiting for things to fall in place.

Be it relations or life nowadays we want everything instant. The moment things don’t go our way in the first attempt we start looking for options. Not everything will be as per our desire; sometimes facing difficult times, situations and staying calm is also required. Things go wrong all the time, quitting is never an answer. There will be more chances in life, be it exams, be it relations you would get a chance to do things again. Failures are stepping stones to success remember? So remember even if you have a failed exam or a marriage just face it chin up and whenever you get another chance try again harder. Success comes to those who wait.

Life changes every moment and quitting is never a respected option.


  1. I almost quit the challenge, because I was not feeling up to it! I was so neck deep in work! But I'm still sticking around. :)

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess


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