Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Parenting and Over Parenting A-Z Challenge 2017

There’s a very dim line between both. A little more and we won’t even realize when we crossed the threshold and started controlling and over parenting .A child needs an exposure of good and bad, failures and success to become a better person. A lack of any is not great.

Like in foods we need salt and sugar; in life too we need the experiences of good and bad for our development. Good teaches us to work hard, stay motivated and be active towards our goals in life. Bad teaches us about how life is always not fair, how we need to experience pain to gain something.

The role of failure is as important as success in shaping a child. If we keep our child protected and secured by not allowing them to make choices or fall, how will they value the good things? How will they learn to make decisions and stand by them?

Suicide rates these days are alarming as children these days are not known to failure. Since all their demands are always fulfilled,they never know what rejection means, so when they fail, or get rejected they just quit. Quit life. So parents, stand back, allow your child too to fall and rise instead of always giving the cushion. After all falling is not such a bad thing. When we were children, our parents too have let us fall, for us to rise and shine. Maybe in some situations they didn’t have a choice like we do these days. But nevertheless they taught us to walk without support.

Sadly, parents these days are becoming crutches for their kids, by always giving them safe environment, safe choices and not allowing them to learn to face the world. We need to have faith and teach the kid to value what he has. Not all wishes come true.

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