Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Over protection A-Z Challenge 2017

These days we have a habit of overdoing things. Too many choices are presented. I mean, as a parent we many a times over do. I know with so many kidnapping and rape cases on a rise and so many bad things we keep hearing it’s only fair to try to protect, but sometimes letting go and allowing the kids to decide helps. Making them aware of the facts and teaching them how to protect them would help.

One they learn to make decisions and the consequences that come with their choice, two they learn to be independent and strong. We might always not be there to help, guide and save them. They need to be taught to spread their wings and fly. Maybe they would falter few times, but we are there to support them and help instill confidence and fly again.

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  1. I believe that too. I sent my elder one alone to Kanyakumari for his karate tournament...I was a nut case till he came back, but I'm happy I let him go and be independent.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess


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