Saturday, April 15, 2017

M- Money A-Z Challenge 2017

These days, money is the new God. The only thing that defines most of the things these days. Sad but true. These days even relationships are based on this factor.

We all know the importance of money. The level of success is decided on what you earn. Money can buy you everything but not respect and love. I believe that completely. Money should not be the parameter for any relation.

Earlier it used to be " Relations for ever and money for convenience" now that has reversed. Now we use relations and treasure money. I fail to understand how money can replace or calculate the amount of satisfaction you get when you are with people you love, respect and care for and vice versa.

Money can buy friends dinner/ drink but not friends. Money can buy parents the best house, luxuries etc but not parents love,respect and acceptance. Money can buy kids the best toys, foods and vacations but not their unconditional love and respect.

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