Thursday, April 13, 2017

K- Kids A-Z Challenge 2017

The most important part of any couples life. Not all believe in having kids. A debatable thought as is having one kid or more? But they are the best extensions of us i feel. They can be a replica of us or even opposite of what we used to be. But they are the best gifts of God.

Its amazing how much life changes, the moment we get to know of this wonderful gift. So many adjustments, compromises, giving up of favorite things, but everything seems worthwhile when we see the bundle of joy smiling. All efforts cease.

Bringing up a kid, is a challenge all parents face. To each its own. There's no parameters. Each child is defines by his own abilities. The mistake we all sometimes make is to judge using the same yardstick. For me, i might not be able to give him the best of everything but a little good of all things. Making the child a better human being and allow him to make the right choices, support him when he falls and unconditional love is all i wish to be able to do.

Rest is destiny.

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