Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I- Inspiration A-Z Challenge 2017

There are so many people we meet or see in daily walks of life. Some make a point, some teach us what not to do and some inspire us with their unending zeal, determination and ability to multi task.

Inspiration need not always come from books or biographies. It can be around you, Lots of simple who touch your lives every day can inspire you. For me my inspiration is my mom. Maybe for most of us it might be the same. She is an awesome cook, a very brave lady. She has never given up on anything. The way she has tided over difficult times with her courage is always worth a mention. Hope to be at least half as sorted as she is,half as brave and patient as her.

A few years back dad had multiple surgeries, both of us, siblings could just visit n give a temporary helping hand but hats off to her for managing the whole thing all alone. She handled everything just as well and helped him stand on his feet again. Only a determination as steely as hers can do such a thing.

She’s my inspiration so is Sachin Tendulkar; another self-made person who is so modest and grounded.

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  1. Truly an inspiration! Why did you stop here? What happened to your other posts?

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess


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