Saturday, April 08, 2017

G-Grandparents A-Z Challenge 2017

Grandparents are the ones who cater to all kids’ first demands. Their love is unconditional and they are the ones who can understand both kids and their parents and can help balance when things turn worse. There are a lot of times we fail to see kids point of view, mindset etc during such times their experience, advice, support helps.

Staying with grandparents or spending time regularly with them also helps kids become strong. They share their stories, experiences with the kids which indirectly help the kid become stronger. Also having them around is a good help the kids know how to face difficult times, they become little more compassionate and caring and also learn to respect elders and their point of views. Especially in these days when both the parents are working and there are divorces or single parents, it is always helpful to have grandparents around as it helps kids grow and have a normal environment.

During crisis when we are not in a good frame of mind, grandparents help balance the time give courage and help us tide through difficult times. Having them around is always a boon and it's a blessing I feel to stay with grandparents and learn a lot from their experiences. Although like each coin has 2 sides, this too might have disadvantages but the advantages are really stronger.

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