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Friday, April 07, 2017

F- Freedom A-Z Challenge 2017

The exposure these days kids have is humongous. Thanks to the modern times they know also about a lot of things happening around them and have their views on everything. Gone are the days when becoming a Doctor or an Engineer was the biggest achievement of the parents and kids lives.

No, I don't mean to disrespect these fields but now lots of career options are available and respected. Our times only limited choices were available.
But even in these modern times and space, a thought that kept disturbing me is:
Do kids really have the freedom to choose? Or we as parents directly or indirectly pressurize them to do what we feel are right??? Or unfulfilled dreams?
Change channels and we find lot of reality shows happening. And most of the kids participating in the shows are for fulfilling their parent’s dreams. Sure, they have the talent but, is it good to do something they don't wish to??? Ask them and the most common and prominent answer we get to hear is "This is my Mother/Fathers dream to become a singer/dancer/actor; he/she could not so i am fulfilling their dream."

I feel it’s high time we give kids the chance to choose. Choose what they wish to become. At least, they would learn to be responsible for their choices. Maybe they would fail, but at least they would know to take responsibility for their actions.

Everybody has a right to dream and also a right to fulfill them. We as parents should vow never to burden our kids with our unfulfilled dreams. Let them be the Architect of their future. We as parents are always there around to guide them when they need.

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