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Thursday, April 06, 2017

E- Ek A-Z Challenge 2017

Ek in Hindi means one. The power of one or the disadvantage of having one kid. We all had heard of Hum do humare do, (We two our two) now it has been changed to one. Most of us want only one kid.

Now why one? Most of us say affordability. Yes, with increasing cost for almost everything and the lifestyle we wish for our kid we can afford only one. Now the advantage of having only one is that all of the best things in the world are offered to him/ her. He/ she are treated like a prince/ princess and all their wishes/ demands are always fulfilled.

The disadvantage of this I feel is that the one never values what he/ she gets. Doesn’t know the meaning of sharing, don’t value what they get, don’t know the meaning of adjustment and most important never know the meaning of sibling. The one most of us have and have shared many things with; the one who knows our secrets, who are always there in difficult times and who loves us unconditionally. I know there are exceptions to this too.

I know this is a matter of personal choice and me too am always in confusion about whether having one kid decision is good or bad, my mind like pendulum keeps dwindling in both sides weighing the pros and cons. The biggest fear being after us, who will he/she look forward to? Who is there for her/him? There are siblings who don’t share the best bond but with nuclear families on a rise and joint family becoming a dwindling thing to see are we correct? Maybe with two kids we won’t be able to give them the best but we can give both something equal.

With people scattering, global trotting for jobs, knowing or even meeting cousins and sharing a bond is becoming a challenge.

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