Tuesday, April 04, 2017

C - Careers A-Z Challenge 2017

Having a career and balancing a family are the biggest challenges women today face. Always questioning self about whether they are doing the right thing by chasing their dreams and not being hands on mom. I feel both are equally great.

Home makers, moms who allow their careers to take a back seat and focus on the well-being of the family deserve a clap. Never easy to step back or give up something you are passionate about for the sake of family. But they take that step willingly or unwillingly. My mom had done that, she gave up for our well-being, we are always thankful for that, but I also adore the way she started doing things that made her happy and successfully converted it into a profession. So ladies, the mantra is not to give up or feel bad. Look for small opportunities, turn them big. After all we all have only one life and we have the right to dream and fulfill them too.

Working moms, I always am in awe of these moms too. They are so passionate about their dreams and work hard, multi task, manage on all fronts. Women’s I feel are better in management as they plan and balance things well. Hats off to moms who have meetings, presentations, work projects etc. and then too make time for their kids homework, school project and even special days in school like culminating day etc. where I see moms coming and cheering their kids and rushing back to work again. Must not be easy always to leave unwell kid for meetings but they do that, doesn’t mean they care less. They do their mother duties as well as professional ones with equal gusto and also find time for their simple hobbies that help them bond with their kids.

Having a career is a choice we should be allowed to make, our choice. Sad but this basic right is still not given in many homes. L

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