Monday, April 03, 2017

A- Argument A-Z Challenge 2017

Kick starting the A-Z challenge this year with random thoughts and posts. This is one platform where lots of wonderful people pen their experiences, pearls of wisdom, and some wonderful short stories with a strong message. Less words, more expression. Someday I too would like to pick that trait of expressing more strongly with minimum words.

Arguments, one of the most used forms of communication. Not necessarily with others sometimes we keep arguing within ourselves about things we do or wish to do and vice versa. One of the most difficult situations we commonly face is whether to argue for results or for winning. There are times we all know we trade on not so right grounds but still we keep arguing for the sake of not giving up. I feel if used effectively arguments can help yield some positive results, the only condition being to argue for the right reasons. Anytime better than a fight, but a thin line that divides them is we fight to win. Also healthy arguments help us learn about different perspectives, a different thinking process.

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  1. Nice to know you are on board for the challenge! And it's funny, we both thought of the same word! Yes, it does make a difference whether we are arguing for results or to win!


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