Wednesday, March 22, 2017

An update

Read a few books, had too many things in my mind, wasn’t in a frame of mind to write. I know I have been grossly ignoring this space but unintentional. This world is tough; getting appreciated or accepted is never easy. Too much competition and very less motivation. Yes, not getting motivated or accepted is the reason for the laze.

Maybe someone must be reading my space, but no one makes an attempt to reach and comment. Maybe a word of agreement/ disagreement would be the triggers for me for writing. But as they say “the only person who can help you is yourself.” So now trying to regain the momentum, organize and again start moving.

I tend to forget that i wrote for myself, this is my space to rant, ramble and share my inner feelings, who reads it or not should not be important. Maybe someday someone would connect to what i feel and maybe the world would be a happy place for me too

Review for Rishi Kapoors Khullam Khulla coming soon next.


  1. Hey Kavi...I love the new look of your blog! It's so refreshing and cool! And yes, its your space, say what you want to, don't worry about what others say!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

    1. Thank you dear for the kind words and i miss your posts too..

  2. Bas kya!! I too have too many view and not many reviews, the reason you post should not be for feedback or reviews, it is your space, so talk about what you feel, the world moves on with or without you...

    So take your time and write when you feel like it, if people find it interesting they will respond.




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