Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Book Review #28: Someone to Love: Ruchita Misra

Read a lot of books in last few days Some were good ,some didn’t meet expectations. Today I’m reviewing Ruchita Misra’s Someone to Love. Now I have been a fan of this author, she has written some wonderful books. With lot of expectations I picked up this one, and I must say I wasn’t let down.


Koyal and Atharv are childhood friends. They are also soulmates. Confidantes. Kindred spirits. They are made for each other – only, neither of them seems to have figured it out just yet. As they grow into adulthood, they turn to each other in sorrow and joy, only becoming closer. But then one day, something happens and their rare friendship is cruelly transformed into something a lot like hatred. Atharv, scarred and hurt, fumes with anger, while impetuous Koyal presses the self-destruct button.

Years later, just when they’ve both found peace within themselves, their paths cross again. And destiny, that strange creature, has a few tricks up her sleeve. Will these two ever forgive each other? Or have they already lost their one chance to find someone to love?

My Take:


t’s a story of two friends Komal and Atharv who always were so in sync with each other that they never realized or felt the need to acknowledge their feelings to each other maybe with time they would have had a happily ever after ending, but fate had other plans. Although not same but I could relate it to a film called “Bodyguard” where the third one plays the spoilsport and breaks the so called friendship. Two girls loving same man is a clichéd story. But I liked the way she handled all the characters. Friendship is the base of this story alongside love, betrayal, abuse. How love or hatred can destroy a person or his trust is something that is well high lighted in this book.

About the author:

Ruchita has penned some wonderful books like Ineligible Bachelors and its sequel I do do I? which for me remains her best work. I also liked her next Second Chance at love but the first two remains a favorite.Her writing is flawless and the story moves at a great pace. I love the suspense element built in prologue.

I would rate this book a 4/5. A breezy read with neat justice to all characters this book takes you back in memory lane. Reminds you of those friends and telepathy we all must have shared with that special friend at some point of life. Lucky are those who still have friends who understand your feelings without saying. Cheers to friendships and love.

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