Thursday, February 16, 2017

Some updates

Last week went by blur. I always wish I could hold time. It just flies, when it's good and stalls when bad. That's what I feel. When we wait for something the wait is also exciting, as the event passes all that remains is the memories and the regret that it's finished so soon. 😣😐

With my parents and brother here and we as a unit together after three years the time was precious. It was a great feeling to be able to relive all the old childhood stories, mom's cooking and dad's jokes. Now when they all went back yesterday I'm still in the same zone thinking of what all I wished and couldn't do. How much ever u spend times with your loved ones, saying them bye is always difficult.

There are so many things I thought I would do, speak, cook but now when I look back I feel I still have missed many moments. Then now I think it's OK not all thoughts and moments can be relived. I should learn to be happy with the time I got, as between what we want and what we get is the line of acceptance which we need to understand. But making a heart understand is a little difficult.😊😊

As much as I miss the time now, I also hope and look forward for the next trip, sometime soon. The wait for the happy times begin.

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