Saturday, February 04, 2017

Reading Habits

Can you read two or three books at a time? I have a habit of simultaneously reading more than one book at a time. J I read with interest, get involved in the stories but somehow I am still able to jump between them. I like going in different moods as per the book and the story is. Mostly, it is a switch between light ones so it becomes easy.

I have 3 books mostly in the three corners of house I frequent the most. As I spend time in that space I start reading there. But the one disadvantage I see in this habit is I finish them fast and then the wait for the next one becomes long and me impatient. 😆😆 Maybe reading one would lengthen the process but the more I try to curb the more I am not able to.

I even re read a lot of books and the best part of rereading is to be able to relive the emotions. So there are books on dining table, the recliner and the bed side.Where i sit i start with the book placed there, enter that world. It could be a biography (The Sachin Tendulkar one i am re reading) or Black Suits you or The Magic of lost temple by Sudha Murthy.

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