Thursday, February 02, 2017

Product Review: Paper Boat Chikki

When I read about this chikki I was surprised. I love chikkis . Being close to Lonavala, Khandala the hub for these nutty yummy products, chikkis transports me back to my childhood.

Trains are an integral part of childhood. I still remember the ghat section and the tunnels that’s between Mumbai and Pune. The curves, the waterfalls, the chikkis.

Yes, these used to be sold in the stations and always had a great demand. We used to look forward for these fresh ones which is a blend of jaggery and ground nuts.

We also used to get coconut based, sesame based etc. but the groundnut one was the one that was mostly loved.

This Paper Boat has the same taste and crunch. Priced at a mere 10 bucks this one is way better than chocolates as nuts and jaggery is a healthy and nutritious combo. For a person with sweet tooth, a bite of these after meals won’t hurt.

They come in a handy pack so introducing them to kids instead of chocolate would be great in terms of nutritional value. Loved this, alongside their other products like aamras, panakam etc. which connects us to the childhood memories. If taste and memories can take us back in time, this one surely does.

Hoping and wishing Paper Boat all the best for their future endeavors and hoping they keep coming up with more such great array of products.

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