Thursday, February 09, 2017

Book Review#27: Half Pants Full Pants :Anand Suspi

Childhood is one of the most memorable phases of everyone’s life. When we sit back and think about life as such we all at some point of time agree that we all had the best moments of life as a child. We all try to reminisce and relive those moments in our minds all the time. That’s why childhood friends are so special and integral part of our lives. They are the people who know you inside out. A part of all your journeys, crushes, emotional moments. When I read the book I felt very nostalgic. So many events we all have felt, experienced but couldn’t sum up in words has been expressed by the author. The bits and pieces of local dialect help as it sounds more real.

In a nutshell, the pleasures of childhood which we enjoyed and the generation now is been deprived of can be read and enjoyed by us and imagined by the next gen. Those times were truly special and they are something money can’t buy.

Thank you Anand Suspi for helping us relive the childhood memories. Reading them made me nostalgic and I would want my kiddo to read this too.


I would rate the book 4/5. A pleasurable read down the memory lanes and would recommend all the 80- 90’s people to grab a copy now.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful review. Feels good to know that the book managed to take you on a trip down memory lane. The simplicity and innocence of those days are long gone. They can only be re-lived and enjoyed through stories - Anand Suspi


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